Tuesday, May 13, 2008

since most of my blogging is done via twitter these days, i've added this automatic feed for my family & friends who refuse to drink the twitter koolaid, (you know who you are, Mom!) so they to can see what's going on with me in a timely fashion.

* 12:59 @seanabc: difficulty napping?!? try emulating a cat- find a warm sunny spot, curl up & drift off...mmm Naps. I like nappy naps!
* 17:57 just had the most bizarre nap dream evah!
* 17:58 ...my first husband was going crazy, made himself a suit of armor out of toilet paper & 2x4s & was romping about on the lawn, while...
* 17:59 a chorus streamed out of the neighbor's house singing "We are the 2nd edition President's Choice Cancer Survivors Brigade"...
* 18:00 woke with the tune still in my head. Seriously weird.
* 18:20 posted about bizarre nap dream before catching up w/ twitter. At least two other folks i follow also had strange nap dreams & posted that
* 18:22 hmmm- do we think it is a) the weather b) Mother's Day c) twitter's version of a virus or d) some cosmic convergence of all of the above?
* 19:48 home, yesterday afternoon. Porch is ready for settin', y'all come on out, hear?! - Photo: bkite.com/007WF
* 20:03 called my Moms, have given up on nagging husband to call his, now waiting for baked ziti to cool. mmm, baked ziti...
* 23:00 just watched Enchated w/ my sweetie while eating baked ziti. Ut oh, seems the rhyming narrator is contagious. err, um. Outrageous?
* 00:11 @Very_Wiley: you're looking up Arks?! the river here's so loud it's keeping me awake! (i exaggerate, but only a little)
* 00:12 relieved that the river in my backyard is not out of it's banks. Yet.
* 01:09 just updated my business blog: www.dancingpig.com
* 08:50 cool site o' the day: tinyurl.com/8jyo2 most popular baby names last year + scroll down to search for your name's historic rank!
* 08:53 example: my name (Virginia) was # 109 the year of my birth has steadily fallen- #545 last year. Not sure why, but find this compelling.
* 08:55 hey @mydwynter- can you remind me how to set up a days worth of twitter posts as a LJ (& possibly blogger) post?!

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