Monday, May 19, 2008

meanwhile, on twitter

  • 10:38 @seanabc probably too late w/ this, but i highly recommend Christopher Moore's _A Dirty Job_ very funny book, great, listen! #
    • 10:54 @patiomancer good luck w/ the hurling yourself out of a perfectly good airplane business. I'll be whimpering in the corner w/ @ericagee #
    • 10:56 awake. not convinced that this wasn't a serious strategic error. Hoping tea will remedy this. #
    • 15:07 @ibmobl: re food from machines- what hooked me on _The Tick_ (comic book) was his referring to "machine urine" i.e. vending machine coffee. #
    • 15:09 @fauvepainter yes, both vehicles are 'tits up' as @mydwynter put it. Fortunately, the car is vaguely usable, at least for town runs. #
    • 15:11 i missed everyone @dalhraidia last night muchly. Sadly, rain & sleepy, cranky D prevented even a rump Beltain out here <pouts> #
    • 15:14 @Mugs used to be indifferent to SatC, but got some weird vicarious enjoyment out of series via netflix . Even got my redneck spouse hooked! #
    • 15:16 @Mugs: Over it now! Unable to explain fascination to @mydwynter & managed to remain indifferent to the movie. Hope we can still be friends! #
    • 15:19 @fauvepainter: the only thing that's keeping me at all calm about mass vehicle death is timing... #
    • 15:21 ... @fauvepainter: because we're between shows (& thus can live w/o truck) & if we don't pay other bills, we can pay for fixes maybe. #
      15:24 this is why, after days of rain and 10 mins in muddy backyard, it became bath time @hearthhill today. - Photo: #

    • 15:26 and here's the result of an hour of wet dog wrestling. Dogs are now temporarily banned from back ... - Photo: #
    • 15:30 *took an hour, cause although i only have photos of @ursapup, all 3 dogs, me studio sink got cleaned. W... - #

    • 15:35 @mkhall i have a (clean but damp) German Shepherd you could have. Would eliminate most of your cat issues (after possible bloody cleanup)! #
    • 22:23 got lots of work done in studio, but an v. tired now. & hungry. & reading about @mydwynter's baked ziti in SC didn't help. Not at all. #
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