Monday, May 19, 2008

meanwhile, on twitter

  • 10:38 @seanabc probably too late w/ this, but i highly recommend Christopher Moore's _A Dirty Job_ very funny book, great, listen! #
    • 10:54 @patiomancer good luck w/ the hurling yourself out of a perfectly good airplane business. I'll be whimpering in the corner w/ @ericagee #
    • 10:56 awake. not convinced that this wasn't a serious strategic error. Hoping tea will remedy this. #
    • 15:07 @ibmobl: re food from machines- what hooked me on _The Tick_ (comic book) was his referring to "machine urine" i.e. vending machine coffee. #
    • 15:09 @fauvepainter yes, both vehicles are 'tits up' as @mydwynter put it. Fortunately, the car is vaguely usable, at least for town runs. #
    • 15:11 i missed everyone @dalhraidia last night muchly. Sadly, rain & sleepy, cranky D prevented even a rump Beltain out here <pouts> #
    • 15:14 @Mugs used to be indifferent to SatC, but got some weird vicarious enjoyment out of series via netflix . Even got my redneck spouse hooked! #
    • 15:16 @Mugs: Over it now! Unable to explain fascination to @mydwynter & managed to remain indifferent to the movie. Hope we can still be friends! #
    • 15:19 @fauvepainter: the only thing that's keeping me at all calm about mass vehicle death is timing... #
    • 15:21 ... @fauvepainter: because we're between shows (& thus can live w/o truck) & if we don't pay other bills, we can pay for fixes maybe. #
      15:24 this is why, after days of rain and 10 mins in muddy backyard, it became bath time @hearthhill today. - Photo: #

    • 15:26 and here's the result of an hour of wet dog wrestling. Dogs are now temporarily banned from back ... - Photo: #
    • 15:30 *took an hour, cause although i only have photos of @ursapup, all 3 dogs, me studio sink got cleaned. W... - #

    • 15:35 @mkhall i have a (clean but damp) German Shepherd you could have. Would eliminate most of your cat issues (after possible bloody cleanup)! #
    • 22:23 got lots of work done in studio, but an v. tired now. & hungry. & reading about @mydwynter's baked ziti in SC didn't help. Not at all. #
  • Sunday, May 18, 2008

    meanwhile, on twitter

    • 08:19 @ibmobl thanks for recomendation, already listening to & enjoying it! #
    • 08:21 @geekkitty D has an awesome buffalo hide that we use as a blanket @ winter events. It is amazing, even better than sheepies! #
    • 08:23 @yoonamaniac hard to explain in 140 characters! Someone who is your sister in spirit, but not biologically comes close, i hope. #
    • 08:36 trying not to be jealous of @robpatrob's easy access to Samosas. Wait, we're heading east today..might be able to snag samosa myself! #
    • 08:37 ok, packing up & heading out to Beltain celebration near Gettysburg, PA. Will try to tweet from the road. #
    • 10:47 me: is that a turtle? (in road) D, driving: NO! me: are you lying? D: NO! then, softly, i don't think i am... #
    • 10:48 ...ongoing arguement between us about stopping to cross turtles. Guess what side i'm on!?! #
    • 13:18 Epic Fail :( the car has crapped out & been declared Unsafe for a long trip. Struts &/or shocks. Aborting trip to PA & beltain. Bummed. #
    • 14:01 limping our (v. bumpy) car back home. Aparently i'm grumpy when thwarted. #
    • 20:22 @yoonamaniac: my beloved big dog, who is no longer alive, broke his nails all the time & was such a wimp about it. Once, @ vets w/ broken... #
    • 20:24 @yoonamaniac ...nail, he started screaming in apparent pain when vet had his paw in one hand & clippers in the other, 4 feet away!... #
    • 20:25 @yoonamaniac he was so loud about his obvious distress that folks ran into the room to find the vet staring at him in bemused horror! #
    • 20:30 @patiomancer: was discussing heartbreak w/ friend long ago- "It's not something that ever goes away, you just get past it eventually... #
    • 20:31 @patiomancer "'s like this huge mountain that you think you'll never ever cross & then one day you realize it's behind you somehow... #
    • 20:32 @patiomancer "...of course, that usually happens when you're climbing a different metaphorical mountain." #
    • 20:37 @ClickerTrainer the trip we were attempting was about 350 miles, or 6 hours of driving. But there are parts where the 2 states touch. #
    • 20:38 @mikebarbour yeah, if your definition of the 'bad part' was the heart of the Confederacy! (sorry, defensive about my adopted home state!) #
    • 20:41 @laurak re: plastic cube thingies- have you tried the Container Store? Do they have those around you? or online for that matter? #
    • 20:43 @laurak ...beware the evil Container Store- it's a crack store for control freaks & those aspiring to organization! you have been warned! #
    • 20:47 @geekkitty thanks for worrying about our breakdown. just got your tweet. Would have called if we had dire need! #
    • 20:59 Is it bad when "where everybody knows your name" is the milkshake lady at a tiny country grocery store? (adapted from @favrd tweet) #
    • 21:12 I'm at Arnoldsburg, WV, USA (WV, USA) - #
    • 21:43 @mydwynter awwww. to blissed out to keep up w/ twitter. So sorry for you. NOT! No, i'm not jealous or bitter Not. At. All. #
    • 21:52 longing for some Lord Peter Whimsy or Nero Wolfe off to stare blankly @ paltry DVD selection on this plane of existence. #

    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    meanwhile, on twitter

    two days of twitter to share:

    Thursday, May 15:
    * 12:14 I'm at Ripley, WV, USA -
    * 12:15 town run. going to the Big Walmart! This is almost as good as going to Target, but closer. And i guess, marginally cheaper. -
    * 13:18 the good news-problem w/ truck is electric/fuse box=>$500. Bad news- can't find a fuse box, been looking since Jan
    * 13:25 ...might have to trade truck in. Mixed feelings about this. ::perks up:: Hey maybe we can get a sexy green one!
    * 22:51 @geekkitty you're not coming to Beltain?! i'll tweet at y'all while i'm there, promise!
    * 22:52 @yoonamaniac prolly you've already made the decision, but as the owner of a dog who constantly broke his nails, you can prolly bandage...
    * 22:53 @yoonamaniac cont'd: the foot well so it doesn't hurt him if he catches the broken bit on something, then take him in during normal...
    * 22:54 @yoonamaniac i.e. less expensive hours. Good luck w/ that! it sucks when the pets hurt & you can't explain things to them!
    * 22:59 @geekkitty what is this COE of which you speak? i do not understand.
    * 23:48 hey @mydwynter: just found @StarShipSofa is on twitter. How cool is that?! Just sharing my joy.
    * 01:47 gotta stop w/ the late afternoon naps. I slept from 6 till 8 tonight, was great, but now i can't sleep & really should...
    * 01:49 note to self: Dear me, stop reading labels of food you like. Found out there's corn syrup in my Bryer's ice cream. That's just Not Right!

    and Friday May 16:
    * 08:08 @magickalmiriam sorry, it was Bryer's, but it was their "Double Churned Light Mint Choc Chip" had a nasty texture too, bleech. DoNotWant...
    * 08:09 will stick to full fat Bryer's from now on. The calorie savings are not worth it!
    * 08:10 @geekkitty good luck with that, and belated congrats on your win @ sheep'nwool & more pouts about Beltain missing!
    * 08:11 my sleep schedule is seriously screwed up. Contemplating bed again, to avoid naps later on which would just continue the cycle...
    * 08:12 but it is seriously wonderful nap taking weather & i'm not sleepy at the moment. decisions, decisions...
    * 08:18 I'm at Arnoldsburg, WV, USA (WV, USA) -
    * 08:25 i shouldn't be making fun of this, but cannot resist. Local man wins Darwin Award:
    * 09:08 have numbed myself sufficiently w/ random surfing of teh internetz to go back to bed.
    * 09:08 i like nappy-naps.
    * 14:59 had a Great Nap. Spent 2 hours ordering cheap business cards & corks. Now, syncing iPod & <gasp> venturing out to studio. Work might actually happen!
    * 15:06 @willia4 vista print. relatively cheap, nice templates, easy to customize. They do gouge you on shipping costs though.
    * 15:39 tunejack did a good job transferring content from my iPod back to iTunes on new computer BUT (it's always something, isn't it?)...
    * 15:39 ...tunejack apparently made all my smart playlists into dumb ones. Just spent 40 mins fixing this. Now, i'm going to work. No, really.
    * 15:41 i'm not bitter AT ALL about you working stiffs who are Finishing their work week. Just like you weren't bitter about my morning nap. =p
    * 15:43 @geekkitty vista print. nice templates, easy to customize, cheap till you get to shipping...
    * 15:45 @geekkitty: you're not following @willia4 aka @mydwynter's boy? You should- he's funny & cute! &, i just answered the same question @ him.
    * 18:23 @yoonamaniac laughs. Nooo, @willia4 is @mydwynter's recently acquired boyfriend- they actually met via twitter!
    * 18:26 @yoonamaniac cont'd: @mydwynter is my 'spirit sister', she lives here in WVa w/ me, when she's not visiting her sweetie in SC...
    * 18:28 @yoonamaniac: @geekkitty is a mutual friend of @mydwynter & me- i was giving her gossip update. Hope that hasn't made things more murky!
    * 18:33 <---is cranky that the Gabfest hasn't posted on iTunes yet. C'mon folks, i want my weekly fix!
    * 20:16 @willia4 lust can make you do strange things my friend...
    * 20:20 @ibmobl thanks for the tip. Apparently i am iTunes dependant- i managed to listen to Gabfest on 'puter, but couldn't get it onto my iPod.
    * 20:21 @ibmobl: & Eternal Sunshine is one of my all time favorite movies. I need to watch it again soon...
    * 20:23 <---managed to actually work out! Also laundry is almost done. Gotta pack for the weekend & finish up in the studio- pitchers & platters.

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    since most of my blogging is done via twitter these days, i've added this automatic feed for my family & friends who refuse to drink the twitter koolaid, (you know who you are, Mom!) so they to can see what's going on with me in a timely fashion.

    * 12:59 @seanabc: difficulty napping?!? try emulating a cat- find a warm sunny spot, curl up & drift off...mmm Naps. I like nappy naps!
    * 17:57 just had the most bizarre nap dream evah!
    * 17:58 first husband was going crazy, made himself a suit of armor out of toilet paper & 2x4s & was romping about on the lawn, while...
    * 17:59 a chorus streamed out of the neighbor's house singing "We are the 2nd edition President's Choice Cancer Survivors Brigade"...
    * 18:00 woke with the tune still in my head. Seriously weird.
    * 18:20 posted about bizarre nap dream before catching up w/ twitter. At least two other folks i follow also had strange nap dreams & posted that
    * 18:22 hmmm- do we think it is a) the weather b) Mother's Day c) twitter's version of a virus or d) some cosmic convergence of all of the above?
    * 19:48 home, yesterday afternoon. Porch is ready for settin', y'all come on out, hear?! - Photo:
    * 20:03 called my Moms, have given up on nagging husband to call his, now waiting for baked ziti to cool. mmm, baked ziti...
    * 23:00 just watched Enchated w/ my sweetie while eating baked ziti. Ut oh, seems the rhyming narrator is contagious. err, um. Outrageous?
    * 00:11 @Very_Wiley: you're looking up Arks?! the river here's so loud it's keeping me awake! (i exaggerate, but only a little)
    * 00:12 relieved that the river in my backyard is not out of it's banks. Yet.
    * 01:09 just updated my business blog:
    * 08:50 cool site o' the day: most popular baby names last year + scroll down to search for your name's historic rank!
    * 08:53 example: my name (Virginia) was # 109 the year of my birth has steadily fallen- #545 last year. Not sure why, but find this compelling.
    * 08:55 hey @mydwynter- can you remind me how to set up a days worth of twitter posts as a LJ (& possibly blogger) post?!

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    Monday, March 24, 2008

    So, that New Year's resolution? About writing every week for this blog? err, not going so well.
    I do manage to micro blog just about every day over on twitter. That's the best way to keep current with my life & times, so if you care about that, join Twitter. It's fun! And hardly at all addictive! No, really. I remain hopeful, even confident (without any real basis for that confidence) that more of my loved ones will join me "over there" in my most recent addiction. But for you traditionalists, here's an attempt at a more verbose update:

    Things in Pigville are more or less the same these days. We're very broke. but pretty happy, and except for money issues, i'm more or less content with my life.

    I've been exercising more since my week in January on Anna Maria Island with my family became a yoga boot camp. I've actually managed to lose a bit of weight, without really trying. That's a good thing.

    Jill has been living here at Hearth Hill with us for just about a year now. And finally, after a year of building out her apartment about the studio (known as the Crow's Nest) actually, it's more accurate to say that we've been intending to build out the Crow's Nest, but that intention kept falling down (or off) the priority list, things are starting to happen on that front. Jill has spent the past week moving stuff from the double wide up to the apartment, even though the Crow's Nest is nowhere near finished. Still, all three of us are happy to have a bit more space. And our remaining cat, Rigel, is ecstatic to finally have a house monkey living in a non dog infested space. He's moved into the Crow's Nest with a vengeance & he intends to stay there. Jill seems very happy to have cat company instead of dogs (she manages to say dogs with an elegant but very expressive snort) and Darrell is very excited to reclaim the room Jill was occupying in the house for his leather studio. Now, all we need to do is make lots of money this spring show season so we can finish out the Crow's Nest and pay off some other bills & have some left over for A LAPTOP for me. That's all i ask. Is it so much? (don't answer that)

    OK, it's late. I'm tired, but am waiting up for the dryer to shut off. I'm doing laundry so that Darrell & i can have clean clothes for our trip up to Canada to reclaim two of our dogs.

    It's like this: Jill went on a bit of a ramble this early spring: January in Seattle, bothering friends out there & February in Ontario, building a yurt with our friends Ceit & Storm. I went up to Canada to reclaim/repatriate Jill & brought Budgth & Ursa with me, cause Ashe (Ceit & Storm's dog) loves Budgth & Ceit is as much of a dog sucker as i am, so she HAD to meet Ursa.

    Well, not unexpectedly, Ceit fell in love with Ursa. And she offered to keep Ursa & Budgth in Canada while the human part of our family went on our three week road trip to Florida and then Mississippi (no dogs allowed at the longer show). The gas to go to Canada & back in our little car costs less than it would to keep all 3 of our dogs in our local kennel for 2 nights. And Ursa & Budgth were having a GREAT time playing with Ceit & Ashe & Daemon & annoying Storm. So, the pups have been illegal residents of Canada since late February. D & i are heading north tomorrow to reclaim them, though i think that both Ceit and Ashe will be very, very sorry to see them go. I miss them so much! The only reason i'm not totally crazed from doggie deprivation is because i still have my Tristan dog here with me. Tristan does NOT get along with cats & therefore wasn't welcome at Ceit & Storms house- he went to lock up instead & has had a week of bachelor life afterwards, before D & i could drive up to retrieve the other two pups.
    T's loving the single life & every time i remind him that this is a temporary reprieve he looks at me as if to say "but it doesn't have to be. It could be like this all the time" I suspect Ceit and Ashe are paying Tristan off. Not too hard. I'm sure T would regard rocks as an excellent payoff.

    And that's really all i have to say about that. Really, that's all i have to say tonight. We've got a long drive tomorrow, so i'm going to bed.

    Hope it's enough of an update for folks. I'm gonna root about for some pictures to put up with this post and call it done.
    Goodnight & bright blessings to all.
    As Garrison Kellior says: Be well and do good work.