Monday, May 19, 2008

meanwhile, on twitter

  • 10:38 @seanabc probably too late w/ this, but i highly recommend Christopher Moore's _A Dirty Job_ very funny book, great, listen! #
    • 10:54 @patiomancer good luck w/ the hurling yourself out of a perfectly good airplane business. I'll be whimpering in the corner w/ @ericagee #
    • 10:56 awake. not convinced that this wasn't a serious strategic error. Hoping tea will remedy this. #
    • 15:07 @ibmobl: re food from machines- what hooked me on _The Tick_ (comic book) was his referring to "machine urine" i.e. vending machine coffee. #
    • 15:09 @fauvepainter yes, both vehicles are 'tits up' as @mydwynter put it. Fortunately, the car is vaguely usable, at least for town runs. #
    • 15:11 i missed everyone @dalhraidia last night muchly. Sadly, rain & sleepy, cranky D prevented even a rump Beltain out here <pouts> #
    • 15:14 @Mugs used to be indifferent to SatC, but got some weird vicarious enjoyment out of series via netflix . Even got my redneck spouse hooked! #
    • 15:16 @Mugs: Over it now! Unable to explain fascination to @mydwynter & managed to remain indifferent to the movie. Hope we can still be friends! #
    • 15:19 @fauvepainter: the only thing that's keeping me at all calm about mass vehicle death is timing... #
    • 15:21 ... @fauvepainter: because we're between shows (& thus can live w/o truck) & if we don't pay other bills, we can pay for fixes maybe. #
      15:24 this is why, after days of rain and 10 mins in muddy backyard, it became bath time @hearthhill today. - Photo: #

    • 15:26 and here's the result of an hour of wet dog wrestling. Dogs are now temporarily banned from back ... - Photo: #
    • 15:30 *took an hour, cause although i only have photos of @ursapup, all 3 dogs, me studio sink got cleaned. W... - #

    • 15:35 @mkhall i have a (clean but damp) German Shepherd you could have. Would eliminate most of your cat issues (after possible bloody cleanup)! #
    • 22:23 got lots of work done in studio, but an v. tired now. & hungry. & reading about @mydwynter's baked ziti in SC didn't help. Not at all. #
  • Sunday, May 18, 2008

    meanwhile, on twitter

    • 08:19 @ibmobl thanks for recomendation, already listening to & enjoying it! #
    • 08:21 @geekkitty D has an awesome buffalo hide that we use as a blanket @ winter events. It is amazing, even better than sheepies! #
    • 08:23 @yoonamaniac hard to explain in 140 characters! Someone who is your sister in spirit, but not biologically comes close, i hope. #
    • 08:36 trying not to be jealous of @robpatrob's easy access to Samosas. Wait, we're heading east today..might be able to snag samosa myself! #
    • 08:37 ok, packing up & heading out to Beltain celebration near Gettysburg, PA. Will try to tweet from the road. #
    • 10:47 me: is that a turtle? (in road) D, driving: NO! me: are you lying? D: NO! then, softly, i don't think i am... #
    • 10:48 ...ongoing arguement between us about stopping to cross turtles. Guess what side i'm on!?! #
    • 13:18 Epic Fail :( the car has crapped out & been declared Unsafe for a long trip. Struts &/or shocks. Aborting trip to PA & beltain. Bummed. #
    • 14:01 limping our (v. bumpy) car back home. Aparently i'm grumpy when thwarted. #
    • 20:22 @yoonamaniac: my beloved big dog, who is no longer alive, broke his nails all the time & was such a wimp about it. Once, @ vets w/ broken... #
    • 20:24 @yoonamaniac ...nail, he started screaming in apparent pain when vet had his paw in one hand & clippers in the other, 4 feet away!... #
    • 20:25 @yoonamaniac he was so loud about his obvious distress that folks ran into the room to find the vet staring at him in bemused horror! #
    • 20:30 @patiomancer: was discussing heartbreak w/ friend long ago- "It's not something that ever goes away, you just get past it eventually... #
    • 20:31 @patiomancer "'s like this huge mountain that you think you'll never ever cross & then one day you realize it's behind you somehow... #
    • 20:32 @patiomancer "...of course, that usually happens when you're climbing a different metaphorical mountain." #
    • 20:37 @ClickerTrainer the trip we were attempting was about 350 miles, or 6 hours of driving. But there are parts where the 2 states touch. #
    • 20:38 @mikebarbour yeah, if your definition of the 'bad part' was the heart of the Confederacy! (sorry, defensive about my adopted home state!) #
    • 20:41 @laurak re: plastic cube thingies- have you tried the Container Store? Do they have those around you? or online for that matter? #
    • 20:43 @laurak ...beware the evil Container Store- it's a crack store for control freaks & those aspiring to organization! you have been warned! #
    • 20:47 @geekkitty thanks for worrying about our breakdown. just got your tweet. Would have called if we had dire need! #
    • 20:59 Is it bad when "where everybody knows your name" is the milkshake lady at a tiny country grocery store? (adapted from @favrd tweet) #
    • 21:12 I'm at Arnoldsburg, WV, USA (WV, USA) - #
    • 21:43 @mydwynter awwww. to blissed out to keep up w/ twitter. So sorry for you. NOT! No, i'm not jealous or bitter Not. At. All. #
    • 21:52 longing for some Lord Peter Whimsy or Nero Wolfe off to stare blankly @ paltry DVD selection on this plane of existence. #

    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    meanwhile, on twitter

    two days of twitter to share:

    Thursday, May 15:
    * 12:14 I'm at Ripley, WV, USA -
    * 12:15 town run. going to the Big Walmart! This is almost as good as going to Target, but closer. And i guess, marginally cheaper. -
    * 13:18 the good news-problem w/ truck is electric/fuse box=>$500. Bad news- can't find a fuse box, been looking since Jan
    * 13:25 ...might have to trade truck in. Mixed feelings about this. ::perks up:: Hey maybe we can get a sexy green one!
    * 22:51 @geekkitty you're not coming to Beltain?! i'll tweet at y'all while i'm there, promise!
    * 22:52 @yoonamaniac prolly you've already made the decision, but as the owner of a dog who constantly broke his nails, you can prolly bandage...
    * 22:53 @yoonamaniac cont'd: the foot well so it doesn't hurt him if he catches the broken bit on something, then take him in during normal...
    * 22:54 @yoonamaniac i.e. less expensive hours. Good luck w/ that! it sucks when the pets hurt & you can't explain things to them!
    * 22:59 @geekkitty what is this COE of which you speak? i do not understand.
    * 23:48 hey @mydwynter: just found @StarShipSofa is on twitter. How cool is that?! Just sharing my joy.
    * 01:47 gotta stop w/ the late afternoon naps. I slept from 6 till 8 tonight, was great, but now i can't sleep & really should...
    * 01:49 note to self: Dear me, stop reading labels of food you like. Found out there's corn syrup in my Bryer's ice cream. That's just Not Right!

    and Friday May 16:
    * 08:08 @magickalmiriam sorry, it was Bryer's, but it was their "Double Churned Light Mint Choc Chip" had a nasty texture too, bleech. DoNotWant...
    * 08:09 will stick to full fat Bryer's from now on. The calorie savings are not worth it!
    * 08:10 @geekkitty good luck with that, and belated congrats on your win @ sheep'nwool & more pouts about Beltain missing!
    * 08:11 my sleep schedule is seriously screwed up. Contemplating bed again, to avoid naps later on which would just continue the cycle...
    * 08:12 but it is seriously wonderful nap taking weather & i'm not sleepy at the moment. decisions, decisions...
    * 08:18 I'm at Arnoldsburg, WV, USA (WV, USA) -
    * 08:25 i shouldn't be making fun of this, but cannot resist. Local man wins Darwin Award:
    * 09:08 have numbed myself sufficiently w/ random surfing of teh internetz to go back to bed.
    * 09:08 i like nappy-naps.
    * 14:59 had a Great Nap. Spent 2 hours ordering cheap business cards & corks. Now, syncing iPod & <gasp> venturing out to studio. Work might actually happen!
    * 15:06 @willia4 vista print. relatively cheap, nice templates, easy to customize. They do gouge you on shipping costs though.
    * 15:39 tunejack did a good job transferring content from my iPod back to iTunes on new computer BUT (it's always something, isn't it?)...
    * 15:39 ...tunejack apparently made all my smart playlists into dumb ones. Just spent 40 mins fixing this. Now, i'm going to work. No, really.
    * 15:41 i'm not bitter AT ALL about you working stiffs who are Finishing their work week. Just like you weren't bitter about my morning nap. =p
    * 15:43 @geekkitty vista print. nice templates, easy to customize, cheap till you get to shipping...
    * 15:45 @geekkitty: you're not following @willia4 aka @mydwynter's boy? You should- he's funny & cute! &, i just answered the same question @ him.
    * 18:23 @yoonamaniac laughs. Nooo, @willia4 is @mydwynter's recently acquired boyfriend- they actually met via twitter!
    * 18:26 @yoonamaniac cont'd: @mydwynter is my 'spirit sister', she lives here in WVa w/ me, when she's not visiting her sweetie in SC...
    * 18:28 @yoonamaniac: @geekkitty is a mutual friend of @mydwynter & me- i was giving her gossip update. Hope that hasn't made things more murky!
    * 18:33 <---is cranky that the Gabfest hasn't posted on iTunes yet. C'mon folks, i want my weekly fix!
    * 20:16 @willia4 lust can make you do strange things my friend...
    * 20:20 @ibmobl thanks for the tip. Apparently i am iTunes dependant- i managed to listen to Gabfest on 'puter, but couldn't get it onto my iPod.
    * 20:21 @ibmobl: & Eternal Sunshine is one of my all time favorite movies. I need to watch it again soon...
    * 20:23 <---managed to actually work out! Also laundry is almost done. Gotta pack for the weekend & finish up in the studio- pitchers & platters.

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    since most of my blogging is done via twitter these days, i've added this automatic feed for my family & friends who refuse to drink the twitter koolaid, (you know who you are, Mom!) so they to can see what's going on with me in a timely fashion.

    * 12:59 @seanabc: difficulty napping?!? try emulating a cat- find a warm sunny spot, curl up & drift off...mmm Naps. I like nappy naps!
    * 17:57 just had the most bizarre nap dream evah!
    * 17:58 first husband was going crazy, made himself a suit of armor out of toilet paper & 2x4s & was romping about on the lawn, while...
    * 17:59 a chorus streamed out of the neighbor's house singing "We are the 2nd edition President's Choice Cancer Survivors Brigade"...
    * 18:00 woke with the tune still in my head. Seriously weird.
    * 18:20 posted about bizarre nap dream before catching up w/ twitter. At least two other folks i follow also had strange nap dreams & posted that
    * 18:22 hmmm- do we think it is a) the weather b) Mother's Day c) twitter's version of a virus or d) some cosmic convergence of all of the above?
    * 19:48 home, yesterday afternoon. Porch is ready for settin', y'all come on out, hear?! - Photo:
    * 20:03 called my Moms, have given up on nagging husband to call his, now waiting for baked ziti to cool. mmm, baked ziti...
    * 23:00 just watched Enchated w/ my sweetie while eating baked ziti. Ut oh, seems the rhyming narrator is contagious. err, um. Outrageous?
    * 00:11 @Very_Wiley: you're looking up Arks?! the river here's so loud it's keeping me awake! (i exaggerate, but only a little)
    * 00:12 relieved that the river in my backyard is not out of it's banks. Yet.
    * 01:09 just updated my business blog:
    * 08:50 cool site o' the day: most popular baby names last year + scroll down to search for your name's historic rank!
    * 08:53 example: my name (Virginia) was # 109 the year of my birth has steadily fallen- #545 last year. Not sure why, but find this compelling.
    * 08:55 hey @mydwynter- can you remind me how to set up a days worth of twitter posts as a LJ (& possibly blogger) post?!

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