Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hello Friends. It's been awhile since i've updated this blog. Much has happened, but as is typical, i haven't made time to sit down and post.
So, let's try to catch up:
I don't think i've mentioned it here yet, but Darrell had dreadlocks for most of the summer.
I do use the past tense, cause the dreads are gone.
It was like this. He wanted dreads cause his hair is pretty curly & knots up alot if left to it's own devices, which it is when i'm not around. So, we ordered lots of stuff from and followed their instructions. Bran & i invested three days (ok, really evenings) of our lives to getting the dreads in & started. They looked good. Very piratical!
But D. didn't spend anytime keeping them up. And it turns out that dreads need alot of time and attention to get started & just to not look like shite. Who knew? And we just didn't have that kind of time. And then MDRenn Fest started. And it was hot hot hot opening weekend.
That was enough for D.
The dreads went two weeks ago.
i miss them, but i don't miss cringing every time i look at my husband & wondering when i'll find the time to fuss with his hair.

Other news. hmmm.
I've got yet another new dog.
He's amazing. I'm really hoping this one will take.
He's a purebred German Shepherd. He came to us with the name of Triton. That's more or less been changed to Tristan.
It was like this:
My neighbor who is also my electrician, has this amazing German Shepherd named Bob. I've had a serious doggie crush on Bob since i met him 2 years ago, when Rick showed up with Bob in tow to put in the 220 lines for my kilns. Such a serious crush that in complete violation of all my "don't breed or buy while homeless animals die" beliefs, i told Rick repeatedly that if he ever bred Crazy (Bob's Mom) again, i wanted a "Bob dog" of my very own.
So, in June i guess it was, Rick shows up at our place with "not Bob", another beautiful German Shepherd in tow. It turns out that this is Triton, Bob's littermate.
Triton's owner was having a rough time & Rick was watching Triton for a few weeks while she (the owner) sorted stuff out.
Rick told me he was working on getting her to give Triton to me, for purely selfish reasons-- it would mean that Rick could come visit Triton/Tristan whenever he wanted, we could watch each other's dogs, all sorts of good stuff like that.
And so it came to pass. In mid July, Tristan came to stay with us. It took about a month for Tristan to figure out that he was staying, but now he's very much my dog. And an amazing being at that.
I've never had a pure bred dog. It's a very different thing from the mutts i've owned & loved in the past. I don't know if it's the breed or just this family of dogs, but Tristan is so smart and funny & loyal & neurotic. I love this guy with all my heart. I think i've become a GSD devotee after just a few weeks with one homeless, not at all housebroken, neurotic, noble, sweet, devoted, aloof & totally dependent upon me representative of the breed.
Tristan is so madding & wonderful all at once.

And that's the doggie news update. I still have my Bug-a-loo, my WVa mutt with her sweet eyes & snuggly demeanor & i wouldn't give her up anything. But i also wouldn't let Tristan go either. Our canines seems to have completed our family in a wonderful way & i'm really happy with the doggie status quo around here right now. (though i will confess that Tristan & Bug make a pretty funny looking doggie pack when they hang out together).

There's lots of other news, but i think i'll save it for another post, as i'm still stupid busy with Renn Fest-- in fact, i should be making pots RIGHT NOW.

Let me just sign off by mentioning that i've become a twitter-aholic. It's great fun & if you ever get sucked into it, let me know & we can keep in touch with that. It's just about perfect for my attention span these days. Check it out: my homepage there is:

Hope to see you soon in the twitter-o-sphere!