Saturday, May 17, 2008

meanwhile, on twitter

two days of twitter to share:

Thursday, May 15:
* 12:14 I'm at Ripley, WV, USA -
* 12:15 town run. going to the Big Walmart! This is almost as good as going to Target, but closer. And i guess, marginally cheaper. -
* 13:18 the good news-problem w/ truck is electric/fuse box=>$500. Bad news- can't find a fuse box, been looking since Jan
* 13:25 ...might have to trade truck in. Mixed feelings about this. ::perks up:: Hey maybe we can get a sexy green one!
* 22:51 @geekkitty you're not coming to Beltain?! i'll tweet at y'all while i'm there, promise!
* 22:52 @yoonamaniac prolly you've already made the decision, but as the owner of a dog who constantly broke his nails, you can prolly bandage...
* 22:53 @yoonamaniac cont'd: the foot well so it doesn't hurt him if he catches the broken bit on something, then take him in during normal...
* 22:54 @yoonamaniac i.e. less expensive hours. Good luck w/ that! it sucks when the pets hurt & you can't explain things to them!
* 22:59 @geekkitty what is this COE of which you speak? i do not understand.
* 23:48 hey @mydwynter: just found @StarShipSofa is on twitter. How cool is that?! Just sharing my joy.
* 01:47 gotta stop w/ the late afternoon naps. I slept from 6 till 8 tonight, was great, but now i can't sleep & really should...
* 01:49 note to self: Dear me, stop reading labels of food you like. Found out there's corn syrup in my Bryer's ice cream. That's just Not Right!

and Friday May 16:
* 08:08 @magickalmiriam sorry, it was Bryer's, but it was their "Double Churned Light Mint Choc Chip" had a nasty texture too, bleech. DoNotWant...
* 08:09 will stick to full fat Bryer's from now on. The calorie savings are not worth it!
* 08:10 @geekkitty good luck with that, and belated congrats on your win @ sheep'nwool & more pouts about Beltain missing!
* 08:11 my sleep schedule is seriously screwed up. Contemplating bed again, to avoid naps later on which would just continue the cycle...
* 08:12 but it is seriously wonderful nap taking weather & i'm not sleepy at the moment. decisions, decisions...
* 08:18 I'm at Arnoldsburg, WV, USA (WV, USA) -
* 08:25 i shouldn't be making fun of this, but cannot resist. Local man wins Darwin Award:
* 09:08 have numbed myself sufficiently w/ random surfing of teh internetz to go back to bed.
* 09:08 i like nappy-naps.
* 14:59 had a Great Nap. Spent 2 hours ordering cheap business cards & corks. Now, syncing iPod & <gasp> venturing out to studio. Work might actually happen!
* 15:06 @willia4 vista print. relatively cheap, nice templates, easy to customize. They do gouge you on shipping costs though.
* 15:39 tunejack did a good job transferring content from my iPod back to iTunes on new computer BUT (it's always something, isn't it?)...
* 15:39 ...tunejack apparently made all my smart playlists into dumb ones. Just spent 40 mins fixing this. Now, i'm going to work. No, really.
* 15:41 i'm not bitter AT ALL about you working stiffs who are Finishing their work week. Just like you weren't bitter about my morning nap. =p
* 15:43 @geekkitty vista print. nice templates, easy to customize, cheap till you get to shipping...
* 15:45 @geekkitty: you're not following @willia4 aka @mydwynter's boy? You should- he's funny & cute! &, i just answered the same question @ him.
* 18:23 @yoonamaniac laughs. Nooo, @willia4 is @mydwynter's recently acquired boyfriend- they actually met via twitter!
* 18:26 @yoonamaniac cont'd: @mydwynter is my 'spirit sister', she lives here in WVa w/ me, when she's not visiting her sweetie in SC...
* 18:28 @yoonamaniac: @geekkitty is a mutual friend of @mydwynter & me- i was giving her gossip update. Hope that hasn't made things more murky!
* 18:33 <---is cranky that the Gabfest hasn't posted on iTunes yet. C'mon folks, i want my weekly fix!
* 20:16 @willia4 lust can make you do strange things my friend...
* 20:20 @ibmobl thanks for the tip. Apparently i am iTunes dependant- i managed to listen to Gabfest on 'puter, but couldn't get it onto my iPod.
* 20:21 @ibmobl: & Eternal Sunshine is one of my all time favorite movies. I need to watch it again soon...
* 20:23 <---managed to actually work out! Also laundry is almost done. Gotta pack for the weekend & finish up in the studio- pitchers & platters.

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