Thursday, January 31, 2008

bath day @ Hearth Hill
Yesterday, two members of the pack came home from their stay at Canine Camp very, very offensively smelly. (& Bran will back me up on this; if _I_ complain about the way a dog smells it's very stinky indeed)
Thus, since it has the added benefit of keeping me out of the studio for at least half of the day, today has been declared bath day.
Apologies to Bran in advance for the havoc this will visit upon "her" bathroom. I'll try to restore it to it's current pristine state afterwards.
And i'll try to take & post some before & after pictures... in the meantime, here's a very appropriate Cheezeburger cat for your edification & amusement:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my current addiction: i can haz cheezeburger this one seems very appropriate for the current state of my blog- kitteh deactivated

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moar funny pictures