Saturday, February 02, 2008

If you've been lured here by promises of my witty & eloquent writing, doant fear, itz hear, just scroll down past da silly pictures that i couldn't resist....
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

oooh oooh- one more:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

yah! howz dat goin?
well, for me at least, as well as any of my other noo yearz rezolutionz...


Amy said...

Keep up the blogging!

You might like this, ding0 and started a podcast recently:

Rebecca Burch said...

Hi! You don't know me... just found you through Twitter and noticed you're in my hometown of Belle. :)

greenwoodelves said...

i just printed you a long message but not being a member it erased it all! now i am so sending it your way!!! are you mudcelt? are you an artisan at the MD Renaissance Fest? if so, i am your girl! i am a bit hippie too, bit gothic and a mediaevel baebe! i am an artisan and love to work in pottery, am looking for work, also a handknitter amongst many trades! i wish to go to Eire as they still appreciate the handmade arts....anyway, please write me! i love Doc Martens and striped tights and odd colors...i am isolated on an Island on the Eastern Shore...and really have no one here....but will you be at the Fayre in MD???? hurry and write, i'll be can write to my email at and also i'll give you my address as it's hard to get to the computer....25662 Frenchtown Road, Frenchtown Island, MD 21871...i'll be waiting...i would love to work with another artisan at the MD Renaissance Fest...and outside of the fayre as welll, an artisan...more to share, so please write!!!!! merry meet!!!