Thursday, December 27, 2007

ok, so the last post was more or less a recap of the post before it.
And that was, what, 4 months ago now?!
Pathetic, i know.
And, due to my laptop's untimely demise in Florida last month, there are no pictures for this post...

So this is just a quick review of the past few months here in Pigville:
I'm still alive, more or less healthy.
Still married, still living in WVa. We still have Bran/Jillian living here too. We're still not done building out the apartment above the studio for her. We're still broke. We're still making pots & leather & are still really disorganized about paperwork.
D & i are still fat. We still have 2 dogs. One cat seems to have gone missing though. That's sad.
We're telling ourselves that she just moved over to the new neighbors, but we haven't verified that, cause we're afraid it won't be true.
I have a few new tattoos, but no pics, cause of laptop death.
We bought a 16' travel trailer in October & took it down to Florida in November, where we attempted to sell pots & leather. Didn't do very well sales wise, but had a great vacation & got to know some good folks better- that was great!
The trailer is tiny as these things go (a 92 Sunline i think) and very sweet. It was owned by a boat builder before we got it & he put in all sorts of cool storage bins & other boat like modifications. It's our WVa version of a little houseboat/sailing sloop. We've named her the Eddie T. after Blackbeard aka Edward Teach.
The other big news is that i've got dreadlocks! Yep, Darrell cut his off & i missed them so much that i had to get them for myself. Sorry, again with the no pictures. Will try to remedy that soon. The dreads look pretty good, if i do say so myself. They fit well into my master plan of not aging gracefully. And i'm sure i'll rock at the Fairie Festivals this spring. I've already exponentially increased the strange looks i get in the local Walmart & i count that as a "GoodThing"
On the Darrell front, he's happily preoccupied with building up his leather business (which saved our butt saleswise in FL this past trip) and brain tanning & hanging out with his Native American pals. He shaved off his dreadlocks when he did his affirmation ceremony/ sweat lodge this past September. He's now a card carrying Indian, a member of the Munsee Delaware Indian Nation based in central Ohio. I went with him to the ceremony & was very glad to have gone. The whole hanging with the Indians has made him pretty happy & much more spiritual & grounded than i've seen him in a long time. This, also, is a "GoodThing" in my book.

Not much else to report, at least for now. I'm gonna sign off for the time being with the usual promise of more frequent (& picture filled) posts to follow.
Remember though, if you want to contact us in any sort of a timely fashion, phone is the only way to go: 304-377-1952
Missing all my online pals!
I gotta go make pots so Mamma can get a new laptop! (and thus, stop having to invade Jillie's private sanctuary to get online)
Love & cyber hugs & kisses & seasonal wishes of good cheer.
Blessings too.

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Amy said...

Glad to see a recent-ish post. Hopefully we'll get to hang out a bit at Spoutwood this year?