Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i can haz cheeseburger new dog?!!!

hopefully, i can!
This is Tritan.
He's a goof, a great big galumphing mutt & for the moment, at least, he's all mine.
It's like this:
I've had a really, really bad dog year. You can review some of the stuff below, on this blog. But after our most recent rescued dog had to go back from whence he came, ie, Cincinnati, i resolved to take a break. No more doggies for me for at least 4 months, till after Renn Fest. I needed to work out some doggie karma. Obviously this whole rescuing adult dogs thing wasn't working so well for me, and my one remaining dog, Budgth, could really use some one on one time and attention.
So, resolution made.
Two days later, my whacked out (in a good way: hi Rick!) neighbor & electrician, Rick, shows up with an amazing German Shepherd in tow.
I should mention that Rick has the Best. Dog. Ever. in the form of Bob, Rick's German Shepherd. From the moment i met Rick and Bob, two years ago, i have had a HUGE doggie crush on Bob. This crush is so severe that in violation of all my beliefs and principals, i have repeatedly told Rick that if he ever bred Crazy, aka Bob's Mom, again, i needed one of the pups.
So, about a month ago, Rick shows up with "notBob" gorgeous German Shepherd. And Rick tells me that this is Tritan, Bob's littermate. Tritan was spending some time with Rick cause Tritan's owner was going through a rough patch in her life at the moment. Rick told me that day that there was about a 50% chance that i might be able to adopt Tritan.
I was ecstatic and stunned, overwhelmed by his offer.
And today, almost exactly a month later, D & i came home from dropping off the recycling to see Rick and Tritan in our yard, hanging out with Jill.
Rick asked me if i was ready for my dog.
I stammered, hemmed & hawed and said "sure, i'll give him a try"
So, as i type this, i have an amazing, only slightly skunky smelling dog sleeping at my feet.

Tritan was a city dog. He's spent most of his life in Charleston, chained up in an urban back yard. The last month, he's been getting into trouble out here in the country.
Apparently, Tritan is not Bob's favorite guest. Bob has taken Tritan on some adventures involving skunks & sharp rocks and at one point, while we were in Chincoteague, i got a call from our cat sitter telling us that Tritan was sitting on our porch, very muddy, skunky & content. Bob had lead him off, and gotten him skunked & then lost him out here in the sticks. We live 3 miles from Rick & it seems that Tritan recognized our porch from his previous visits with Rick & settled down to wait for Rick to come pick him up.
A sign, i tell you, a sign!
So, here we are, a girl & her dog, both newcomers to this whole country lifestyle, trying to figure it & each other, out.
Tritan chases rocks, is fascinated in a not healthy (at least, from the cat's point of view) by cats, loves to swim & is regal, aloof & very gentile & posh, except when he's not.
I really like this dog & am very much hoping that between us, we can make this work. I'd like to have another dog & Tritan seems like he could become not just an amazing being, but might actually become OUR dog.
Typing with fingers & paws crossed...


Lauren said...

Oh yay! Welcome Tritan!

VA, I tell you that if that shepherd is normal, he's smart as hell. Once he figures out that you're his people, he'll be loyal unto death, and he'll do absolutely anything you ask of him. There is absolutely nothing like a shepherd.

I hope this works out for both of you!

PS: Mythbusters has a deskunking recipie that they claim actually eliminates the skunk smell. http://kwc.org/mythbusters/2004/09/mythbusters_solar_death_ray_sk.html

Lanea said...

What a sweetie!
I can't wait to see you in PA, VA!