Monday, April 16, 2007

the river is rising!!!

OK, actually, the river rose & then fell back again. But it was an exciting way to spend an afternoon, i tell you what! Mykl & i went out into the rain & cold to take pictures several times yesterday afternoon & then i went back this afternoon & took some after shots. I've got a few here, but the majority of the pictures are on my KodakGallery site.

There are also some videos of the flooding that Mykl took on the Hearth Hill website.

Other than dealing with the river & now the wind, it's been a peaceful week here at Hearth Hill.
Hope things are well with you also, wherever you are!

added bonus picture below: this is a cool snap i took of the two trees in front of our house in the mist yesterday. No flooding visible, but i liked the atmosphere...

1 comment:

Mykl said...

nice pics! but there's no reasonable (read: easy) way to download them. :( nasty ol' Kodak just wants us to buy prints. :P what century do they think this is?! the 21st century is all about sharing your pics with your friends. (not enriching a 19th century business like Kodak.) have you considered storing your photos someplace a li'l more hip and web 2.0, like Flickr?

just a thought from this geeky resident of the 21st century.